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Looking for a fun job during his years at Mass College of Art & Design,  Mike turned to drawing caricatures at Faneuil Hall and at other drawing events. Many great things came from that first year of drawing caricatures.  He drew faster and got accustomed to drawing many people from around the world, in a very crowded atmosphere.  But, best of all, he met his wife, Valeria, while drawing caricatures!

Since then Mike has been working for New England’s best entertainment and party agents. In 2008, Mike started drawing caricatures before some Red Sox games at Fenway Park, and also for some of the Red Sox clubhouse’s private functions held at Fenway Park. So if you are on Yawkee Way before a game, you may see him in action.

Mike has also been working as an exhibit designer at the Museum of Science, Boston, from 1998.  A real fun and creative job, that has allowed him to travel around the world and draw caricatures of people as far as Japan! He also got to dress up as Chewbacca and throw out pitch at Fenway Park, as part of a promotion for the Museum’s Star Wars exhibit, in which he worked as a designer. 

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About Mike...


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October 26th, 2005

September 26th, 2005

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Mike and Jacoby Ellsbury, holding his caricature