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Drawings per hour

Black & White

12-15+ caricatures

per hour

Full Color

8-10 caricatures

per hour

Just Heads

(black & white)



per hour

Travel Range

Generally I work in Boston, Northeast MA/Southern NH, but I am available anywhere.(travel may charges apply)


It matters what artist arrives at your party.

You want them to be on time, well dressed, and, fun and polite to all your guests. You also want to make sure that the artist is a fast drawer, so your guests aren’t bored to tears waiting in line. Finally, you want the artist to get a good likeness, capturing your guests personality, not insulting them.  Some agencies send out anyone that is available, so your not really sure who is coming to your event. So feel confident in choosing Mike to fill your caricature needs.

Mike has befriended many great artists over the years. And offers their services when it’s a large party (needing multiple artists), or when he is unavailable.  If you do have a large party, think about hiring more than one artist.

In General all the drawings are done on blank 8.5 by 11 card stock, with markers. Plastic bags sleeves are given out to each guest, so not to spill a drink on or be ruined by the rain. Paper can be customized with your party or company event. 

Why should you choose Mike?

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David Ortiz holding

Mike’s drawing,

Fenway Park, 2008

Up to 3 people can be drawn on on single paper. So couples, friends, and siblings can team up, making it more fun.